We have developed homeschool programs to support middle-schoolers. We often have 9th graders join this group as well. In the Fall semester, students will explore Pre-Algebra, Science, and Literature. In the Spring Semester, they will explore Pre-Algebra, Social Studies/History, and Literature. Units covered in full-day programs including morning enrichment and pre-algebra drive a full curriculum for the year.

Our morning homeschool Enrichment Program for our oldest students in 6th-9th grade, which we call our Osprey group, features a “Lab” format where students will work independently on Chrome Books and create group projects. When possible, classes take place outside.

We use Unit Studies to guide lesson work and to interconnect curricula for a deeper understanding of the topics. There are 16 unit weeks and one week before and after each unit week for a total of 18 classes.

See the plans for this year’s full schedule:

Each morning enrichment class will end with a Read Aloud time where the instructor reads to the class. While the book is read, the class will be encouraged to draw scenes from the book, add words to their personal dictionaries, and identify themes to deepen reading comprehension.

There are optional afternoon classes for Pre-Algebra and Skillful Play which features Mindful Nature Art, Mind-Body Awareness/Training, Performance Arts and/or Public Speaking, and Gameschooling

Students will be provided a Chrome Book for use in class.  We will teach students basic software skills leveraging the G Suite software and apps such as Google Docs and Sheets to avoid any need for PC or Mac software.  Enhancement and practice will be offered through Google Classrooms as take-home extension activities but no homework is required.

Throughout the year, we will encourage the students to compile their writings and art into a shared publication such as a magazine or presentation.

In-Person Classes
Children will keep a master record of all their work that you get to take home at the end of the year. Instructors will email weekly class summaries that explain what your child learned — these summaries are great resources to document your homeschooling progress.

Virtual Classes
We are now also offering virtual access to enrichment classes. We will send materials lists to parents in advance of lessons so that materials may be prepared by you for your child. Virtual sessions will consist of two 40-minute virtual meetings with a 10 minute break in between.