This class will use Mathspace to work towards your child’s math goals.  Mathspace is an adaptive program that will not only build skills moving forward but also identify and fill in gaps in learning.  This computer-based program is paired with in-person instruction for a customized and fully supported math learning experience.

High School Courses Available:  foundational skills, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalculus

Individual Adaptive Placement

Quick bite-sized check-ins each week to see where each student is at, what they should be learning next, and most importantly, to show how far they’ve come! Learn smarter, not harder, with the latest AI diagnostics technology.

Assistive Technology

Sometimes a student just needs a hint to get the question done. Other times they might need a full refresh on how to tackle a problem. Whatever they need, Mathspace StepSmart technology gives students adaptive and context-sensitive support at every step.

Take ownership of learning

Students don’t have to wait for the end-of-year to measure what they know and what they don’t know. They can quickly identify strengths, focus on gaps, and make progress with iterative feedback from the system and the instructor.