2023-2024 Environmental Science with Lab
(1 credit)

Environmental Science will touch on elements of biology, chemistry, physics, and physical geology while exploring environmental topics many students have come to care deeply about.  Students will explore ecosystems, biodiversity, populations, earth systems, resources, and uses, energy resources and consumption, pollution, and global changes.

Science Lab Explorations utilize inquiry and design scenarios that incorporate scientific reasoning, analysis, communication skills, and real-world applications.  This is an excellent course to both introduce and review concepts learned in other forums in a very real and observable way.  Coursework and Practice in Environmental Science will be completed through Google Classroom in addition to in-class lessons and activities.

Physical Science w/Physics Focus Lab

This course introduces students to the hows and whys of the physical world around them.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the concepts of forces/motions, work/energy, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, light, sound, and electromagnetic waves in an engaging and hands-on format.  In this blended format, students will have the opportunity to earn both a Physical Science and/or a Physics credit in a combination of in-class lectures and activities and at-home reinforcement activities presented through Google Classroom.

Textbook:  Glencoe Physical Science, Glencoe Physics

Labs Sneak Peek:  We will create, problem-solve, measure, and find out! 

  • Create a phone case out of recycled materials to protect a cell phone. Build and use an Arduino accelerometer to measure the impact of the phone being dropped.  Can we keep the cell phone safe?
  • How much force is needed to operate a pogo stick? 
  • How do they launch those t-shirts so far at the ballpark?   
  • How is coded information transmitted into sound?  Use Makey-Makey materials and coding to make it happen.  
  • How exactly does electromagnetism work? 

All these projects and so much more are covered in this year-long lab science course.