Physical Science w/Physics Focus – LAB

This course introduces students to the hows and whys of the physical world around them.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the concepts of forces/motions, work/energy, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, light, sound, and electromagnetic waves in an engaging and hands-on format.  In this blended format, students will have the opportunity to earn both a Physical Science and/or a Physics credit in a combination of in-class lectures and activities and at-home reinforcement activities presented through Google Classroom.

Textbook:  Glencoe Physical Science, Glencoe Physics

Labs Sneak Peek:  We will create, problem solve, measure, and find out! 

  • Create a phone case out of recycled materials to protect a cell phone. Build and use an Arduino accelerometer to measure the impact of the phone being dropped.  Can we keep the cell phone safe?
  • How much force is needed to operate a pogo stick? 
  • How do they launch those t-shirts so far at the ballpark?   
  • How is coded information transmitted into sound?  Use Makey-Makey materials and coding to make it happen.  
  • How exactly does electromagnetism work? 

All these projects and so much more are covered in this year-long lab science course.