We are offering a new club for kids who want to code or co-play games like Minecraft. Kids age 5 or older are welcome. This club is a drop-off club.  While we will assist the coders in their desire to learn, this is a child-led club and those who join will share what they know to help other club participants. We will reserve the last Friday of each month for playing games. All other Fridays we will practice coding.

We will start Friday October 29 from 12:00-1:30 immediately following Ology Assembly. We will try to meet all Fridays except for the 3rd Friday of each month.

There is a monthly fee of $50 per child for members. Please share this email with friends who might like to join us!

This club will meet in the Osprey classroom. Internet connection will be provided. We have some requirements:

– Participants must be kind, courteous, and have good manners and online etiquette.

– Participants must be willing to teach as well as to learn or play. 

– You must bring your own device with headphones or other game ready to play (at least one per family). This is not limited to electronic devices; you may also provide something related to coding like a board game or coding kit/toy. 

Hour of Code Club

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