We value your family’s emotional and physical health.

During our programs, we frequently take groups handwashing to transition from one activity to another. This has always been our practice. It is a mindful way to end one activity and begin another.

Now we will be adding more handwashing — we will require children and staff to wash their hands as soon as they enter the building. We will require anyone who coughs or sneezes to immediately wash their hands, even if they do so in a tissue.

We have also always wiped shared surfaces several times throughout the day in high-volume areas such as our kitchen, restrooms, and lunch area. Now we will increase the frequency and breadth of cleaning and sanitizing. We choose to exceed minimum standards for sanitation when feasible.

We are creating some new hygiene practices to help protect families from COVID-19 and other illnesses. Here are some precautions that we will be implementing:

  • Daily health checks are to be performed at home before coming on site.
  • Three-stage air purifiers will be placed in every classroom. We will not use UV filters because they produce ozone, which can generate unsafe air quality.
  • Our students have always been seated in rows facing the same direction with approximately three feet between seats.
  • We will provide CDC/FDA-approved sanitizer but will prioritize hand washing as the best method.
  • We will monitor all Delaware guidance for the use of PPE and social distancing edit procedures as needed. We will consult with the staff and parents for procedure input.
  • We will disinfect surfaces and shared items with CDC/EPA-approved products containing plant-based disinfectants for the lowest toxicity danger.
  • We employ a Sanitation Manager who will maintain and implement all cleaning procedures throughout our program days. Our instructors and students will not need to divide their attention between educating and cleaning.
  • Our “Sick Policy” will contain instructions for parents to communicate with the Director if someone in their circle of contacts becomes infected with COVID-19 and how they should modify attendance.
  • We will remove any child who may become ill after initial screening and keep them in a room dedicated to immediate dismissal; in the event that this occurs, the classroom from which the child was removed will be sanitized immediately and parents of other children in that group will be contacted for optional dismissal.
  • We will not create large gatherings of 50 or more for programs.
  • We will maintain outdoor drop-off and pick-up procedures to limit the number of people using the facility.
  • We will communicate all known illnesses, potential risks, and process updates to parents.
  • We will modify cohorts to minimize risk and to allow optional socialization.
  • We have modified our learning spaces for some physical distancing in indoor, seated areas.
  • Your family practices when not at coop afford our in-person luxury to take place. We expect diligent practices from our families in broader social situations.
  • Masks are optional. All members will respect the choice made by other members.

This page was updated on August 28, 2021.