Our Enrichment Program for our oldest students, which we call our Osprey group, now features a “Lab” format where students will work independently on Chrome Books in addition to receiving group instruction. This program is new for the 2018-19 school year. This class will feature similar subjects as our traditional session-blocks, but we will strengthen focus on practical math and writing skills. Students will be encouraged to use logic and to relate one field of study to another.

Students will be provided a  Chrome Book for use in class.  We will teach students basic software skills leveraging the G Suite software and apps such as Google Docs and Sheets to avoid any need for PC or Mac software.  Independent work will be “assigned” through Google Classrooms as take-home extension activities but no homework is required.

A Unit Study example:

Science: deconstruct a concept in physics and apply formulas to measure or predict

Language Arts: research and report information by creating a narrative or argument related to their research

Art: create images or edit images to contribute to publications or presentations

Focus Studies: reflect on how these subjects intertwine perhaps making a timeline or learning more about the lives of the artists and scientists featured in the Unit

Throughout the year, we will encourage the students to compile their writings and art into a shared publication such as a magazine or presentation.


Osprey: Lab Style Learning