Creature Creations

Join us for our free Friday events to experience the style of programs that Walnut Grove Coop offers. We have four free events that are open to all homechoolers. Members may attend all events. Guests may attend one free event. Our activities blend Science and Art to offer hands-on learning enrichment in a self-directed environment. Parents must stay and participate in all activities. Children may not be unattended at any location of our facility including the playground. Events are from 10:00am – 12:00pm each Friday listed.

Email to RSVP

PreK through 5th-grade Activities

Our staff will help you to experience a variety of activities for children of all ages. Games and free play materials are also available.

July 7 – Build a Beast

  • Mix and match to make a beast of your own
  • Roll a die to select traits, habitat, food, and predators
  • Tell a story or draw a picture of your new Beast

July 14 – Sculpt a Frankenspecies

  • Select a sculpting medium: clay, blocks, textiles
  • Start from scratch or modify an animal toy
  • Add your Frankenspecies to our Mixed Up Zoo

August 4 – Animate Animals

  • Design a digital creature creation
  • Learn to animate a drawing of your creature creation
  • Code your creation to move and make sound

August 11 – Maker Space

  • Create a bot
  • Make a mixed-media sculpture
  • Build a remote-controlled creature
Middle School Activities

Each week we will feature a new STEM challenge activity and themed game. These are short and can be done independently or in small groups.

July 7 – Biomimicry

  • Problem-solve human issues with ideas from nature
  • Identify helpful plant or animal traits
  • Improve the human experience by applying biomimicry to an invention
  • Featured game: Nonsensical Creatures

July 14 – DNA Building

  • Learn why DNA impacts all life
  • Create a candy model of DNA
  • Decode genetic sequences to determine physical characteristics 
  • Featured game: Mythical Creatures Drawing Game

August 4 – Isometric Schemas

  • Learn about spatial reasoning through isometric drawing
  • Turn ideas into conveyable products, structures, and systems
  • Use a coded plan to build a creature invention
  • Featured game: Beasts of Balance

August 11 – Maker Space

  • Create a bot
  • Make a mixed-media sculpture
  • Build a remote-controlled creature
High School Reboot Camp

Grub, game, gripe, and repeat. High School homeschoolers are welcome to attend all four Reboot Camp sessions for free. Each week we will feature a classic movie and one of its reboot versions (or sequels) alongside themed food and games that highlight the film’s greatness or weakness. All events will take place from 4:00-8:00pm. Pre-registration is required for drop-off. Email to RSVP and register.

July 7 – Alice in Wonderland Disney & Tim Burton versions

  • Alice in Wonderland Fluxx
  • Wonderland Rush

July 14 – Jumanji & Jumanji the Next Level

  • Jumanji Fluxx
  • Jumanji Deluxe

August 4 – The Parent Trap (1961 and 1998 versions)

  • Poker
  • Parent Trap Bingo

August 11 – Hocus Pocus & Hocus Pocus 2

  • Hocus Pocus the Game
  • Salem 1692: Witch Hunt