In our Waldorf inspired classes will be taught in “blocks” that explore a theme and related materials.  Students are broken into multi-graded groups. This enrichment program targets children who are in Kindergarten through 8th.

Fall 2019 Class Work Schedules:

K-5th Chrysalis and Salamander Groups

6-9th Osprey Group

Parents who would like to participate as a class volunteer may sign up to do so but participation is not required.

Curricula for Morning Subject Blocks will intertwine so that key concepts are reinforced. This class will focus on Art, Science, Language Arts/Literature and Focus Studies (a mindful approach to social-emotional topics, history, math concepts, and social studies). Each class subject is 2 hours long and one subject is taught for a 4-week block. For example, Language Arts is taught for 4 weeks then the class rotates to Focus Studies for 4 weeks and then to Science and then to Art. Each subject will be taught twice through the program.

Classes do not assign homework. Children will keep a master record of all their work that you get to take home at the end of the year. Instructors will email weekly class summaries that explain what your child learned — these summaries are great resources to document your homeschooling progress.

In the afternoon, you may choose to enroll in a Spanish class (offered to all grades/ages) or to enroll in our Enrichment Extension class for Skillful Play. In these classes, your child will have access to time for Mindful Nature Art, Mind-Body Awareness/Training, Performance Arts and/or Public Speaking, and Gameschooling.

Tuesday Full Day Program Schedule

9:30- 11:30 Morning Subject Block
11:30 – 1:00 Lunch (bring your own)
1:00 – 2:00 Spanish or Skillful Play

Tuesday Half-Day Program

You may choose to enroll only in the Morning Subject Block. You may elect to add lunch to the half-day for an extra fee.

See the Fees to Register Page for pricing and schedules

What do they do in class?

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