Fee Schedule

All fees listed are per child and are non-refundable. All members (children over 1 year) must pay a “Membership Fee” to join. Parents and siblings under 1 are free.

Membership Fee $50

Tuition-based Programs

The tuition fees for these programs cover our 50-week school-year program. These weeks include 35 instructor-led days, 4-6 field trips, and other themed club parties and events.

Preschool Programs (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Preschool Time $725 for the first day; $500 additional for the second day

Forest Preschool Time $725 for both days as some will cancel for weather

Enrichment Programs (Tuesdays)

Enrichment Class Full Day (with Lunch and afternoon class) $2350

Enrichment Class with Lunch (but not afternoon class) $1875

Enrichment Class Half Day (only Morning Session Block) $1375

Spanish Only $500

Democratic Process Programs (Fridays)

Unschool Coop Day $950 for participants 5 and older

Sibling Learner $400 for participants 3-4 years old

Parent Team Buy Out $600 (for parents who wish to drop off children over 5)

Payment Options

When registering, each member must pay their Member Fee and a program deposit of $200 immediately. Installment payments can be arranged for the balance. We offer payment plans with up to three scheduled installment payments. Payment plans must be requested – contact info@walnutgrovecoop.com for details. Paypal and credit cards are also accepted now.

Enrollment Contract

To register your child, complete the online enrollment form and select the program options you desire. The registration deadline is June 1, 2018.

Due to the limited enrollment offered by Walnut Grove Coop, there are no refunds or cancellations of payments for any classes or programs once you have registered.