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Tuition Fee Schedule

All fees listed are per child and are non-refundable. All members (children over 1 year) must pay a “Membership Fee” to join and receive member pricing. Parents and siblings under 1 are free. Fees are subject to change based. Please review the terms of the registration contract when registering for additional fee information.

Membership Fee $50
Enter code “Coop20” to receive a free membership for the remaining of this academic year.
Note: you must remember to select this option when registering or you will be charged non-member tuition.

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Member Tuition-based Programs

The tuition fees for these programs cover our remaining school-year program; This program is a 5 month period from January- May. Membership includes field trips, and other clubs parties and events.

Preschool Time Programs

Preschool Time (Adults stay but not in class)
Tuesday and/or Friday 9:30-11:30
$85 per month for the first day; $65/month for the second day
Children 3 & 4 years old

Outdoor Immersive Learning (Forest School for children 5 and older)

Full Day (Forest School with Lunch and indoor afternoon class)
Tuesday 9:30-2:00
$270/month per child

Forest School with Lunch Bunch (but not indoor afternoon class)
Tuesday 9:30-1:00
$220/mo per child

Half Day (only Forest School)
Tuesday 9:30-11:30
$155/month per child

Classroom Enrichment Programs (Children 5 and older)

Enrichment Class Full Day (with Lunch and afternoon class)
Tuesday 9:30-2:00
$270/month per child

Enrichment Class with Lunch Bunch (but not afternoon class)
Tuesday 9:30-1:00
$220/month per child

Enrichment Class Half Day (only Morning Session Block)
Tuesday 9:30-11:30
$155/month per child

Spanish or Skillful Play Only
Tuesday 1:00-2:00
$55/month per child

Democratic Process Programs (Unschool Day)

Friday 9:30-12:00
$115/month for the first day
Children 5 and older only

Parent Team Buy-Out Fee
$65/month fee per program day
Parents who volunteer as assistants will be assigned one class per child enrolled in the rotation will all other parents who volunteer. Parents who wish not to volunteer may pay this fee instead.

Breakfast Club

Friday 8:00-9:30
$50/month per child
Children 5 and older only

Hour of Code Club

Friday 12:00-1:30
$50/month per child
Children 5 and older only

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Payment Options
When registering, each member must pay their first month’s fee immediately. Installment payments can be arranged for the the remaining months. We offer monthly payments after the initial deposit and payments. Installment payment invoices will be emailed to the primary parent. Parents may pay by ACH or Credit Card.

Due to the limited enrollment offered by Walnut Grove Coop, there are no refunds or cancellations of payments for any classes or programs once you have registered.

Fees are subject to change.