About Walnut Grove Coop

Walnut Grove Coop is a nonprofit educational organization serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are a cooperative group of families who do not send their children to traditional schools. We provide opportunities to our children to learn in a

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Summer Camp Registration Open

Learn mindful practices while connecting with nature.

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Preschool Time

Preschool Time classes are for children ages 2-4 and meets from September through June. This group is instructor-led but parents will stay with their child. Each class the group will have an opening routine, story, related craft or activity, outside time and closing circle time.

Enrichment Classes

In the Waldorf style these classes are taught in “blocks” that explore a theme and related materials. Students are grouped into similar ages and skill set. This program targets children Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

Unschool Coop Day

If your child is the master of his or her own plan, this day is ideal. We staff a facilitator to help the children voice their ideas, make a plan, and implement it. Our Unschool Program encourages children to problem-solve, lead, and love learning together.