We value helping learners to create with technology and not only to consume it. Families and learners who value STEM will love to deep dive into Coding and YouTube channel creation with us. We keep learners safe in our G Suite for Education platform and help them manage online safety while creating STEM projects. Learners will be supported with the technology they need on our campus to dive into Coding or YouTube Academy with us. Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship will be a focus in both programs.


Our coding program integrates CS First and Scratch to help children of a variety of skill sets and ages to create coding projects. No previous experience is required. Our instructors give each learner individual attention to help them grow skills at their own pace. In addition to Scratch, other programming languages and coding opportunities will be offered. Explore the ways that apps, video games, Minecraft, and websites are made.

Generally, this program is best suited for grades 3-8. However, a younger section for K-2 can be created, if enough demand is present. This program is best if taken for both the Fall and Spring semesters. A mid-year and end-of-year demonstration of skills will be planned so that families can see what our group creates.

YouTube Academy

Be a (safe and private) YouTube star. Learners can join our programs to develop a YouTube channel. Learners may choose to incorporate their coding projects but can also explore other interests to feature.

In this class, students will learn how to:

  • Create and edit video and audio content, including static transitions and screen recording
  • Create and customize a YouTube Channel
  • Develop an audience-facing brand
  • Create and apply a style template
  • Write appealing and effective video narratives and descriptions
  • Create and apply strategies to build subscribers
  • Identify and target key search phrases for the audience
  • Leverage appropriate social media etiquette to interact with the audience