Walnut Grove Coop is a secular, inclusive, nonprofit educational organization serving PreK-8th and high school students in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We are a cooperative group of families who may not send their children to traditional schools. We provide opportunities to our children and adults to learn in a respectful, inclusive, secular community through fun classes and meaningful experiences.

We offer homeschool enrichment programs based on the Waldorf style of learning for PreK-8th. We offer an Integrated Design High School program customized per learner. We encourage leadership, connection in nature, and self-directed learning. We meet to provide a social outlet for parents and children. We meet in Newark, Delaware.

We also offer programs for Healing Forest Practices for adults and afterschool programs for private or public school children. We offer Mindful Summer Camp options, too.

Our Mission:

Provide a stable and consistent learning environment where alternative learners can build a strong community, connect with nature-based education, perform service projects, and support self-education.

Our Values:

It is the intention of this group to foster leadership skills among our adults and children, encourage self-reliance, promote an inclusive but secular environment, practice mindfulness, and teach diversity.


Walnut Grove Coop is open to anyone who can make the commitment to work together with other co-op members to create meaningful, fun experiences for our children and ourselves.

Homeschool Parent Participation:

Parent participation is essential to the overall success of our homeschool programs. Parents contribute to planning programs, hiring staff, and offering field trips, and other meet-ups. Parents are welcome but not expected to lead educational activities such as clubs.