Plant the seeds for your future and let your ideas grow. This Integrated Design High School Program is a full-service guidance and delivery system for you to plan for high school and beyond. Learners may move on to trades, entrepreneurship, college, military, or a combination of all.

Our programs for high schoolers are intended to foster self-driven learning and to be integrated into your home school high school. Learners can fulfill graduation requirements by including our programs while they still take the lead in designing their coursework through project-based learning. Walnut Grove Coop can support parents and high-schoolers to develop a plan to complete graduation requirements in a 3 to 5-year period. Learners who participate in our Capstone extension for the Middle School Enrichment Program can also receive credit towards high school for Science, English, and/or Social Studies. Opportunities for dual enrollment for college credit will also be available.

Our high school program offers a stable home school high school community in which to learn and grow. We will foster independent learning, community service, career-path development, and life skills. Learners create their experiences and drive their path through high school. Our programs are designed to allow for multi-disciplinary study so that learners are credited for work in more than one area during the program time.

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How does the admission/entrance process work?
  • Candidates will complete an entrance interview.
  • Admission Advisors and families will co-create an academic plan each year detailing academic and/or service work to be completed.
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) Scope Contract will be outlined detailing which credit hours will be completed per semester.
  • Learners can earn up to 4 credits in a variety of subject areas per semester by demonstrating mastery.
  • Service Project Plan will be defined for volunteer hours and possible mentorships or internships will be available for application. Volunteers can earn more than 50 hours per semester for special accolades.
  • Transcript services are provided to blend our coursework with other coursework completed. Transcript fees are assessed per semester recorded. Accredited transcript and diploma service coordination is available but not recommended for most.
How will Parents be involved?
  • Parents are involved in all steps of the entrance process with Admission Advisors. Parents should plan for a 2-hour entrance consultation as well as a 2-hour mid-year consultation. Additional advisement hours will be available by appointment.
  • Parents will organize any programs not offered by Walnut Grove Coop, such as Foreign Language Study or other specific graduation requirements not achieved in our programs, and report completed credits and grades for transcript documentation if that option is selected for your learners.
  • Parents will be invited to demonstration events to view group work products and celebrate accomplishments.
How does matriculation occur?
  • Learners will be assessed on their completion and master of the academic plan, including their PBL and Service Projects with a rubric-based model.
  • Appropriate credit hours will be awarded following each semester. Transcript recording will then take place.
  • Within our programs, we will not formally apply designations such as freshman or senior, nor grade levels. We will document each learner’s path in terms of their mastery and completion of projects.
  • Each learner is evaluated for their own contribution to group projects or work. Learners will not be forced to participate in a group project or work to earn credit.
What are the graduation requirements?
  • We help you, as an individual homeschool to plan, develop, and execute coursework for graduation.
  • Details vary by state, but generally, we use the local public school guidelines as a baseline to advise coursework.
  • We use your specific graduation requirements for a diploma coupled with the accreditation agency’s overview.
  • As an example, please refer to this Graduation Requirements table outlining local graduation requirements coupled with the possible credits to be earned in our programs.
  • Customized Diplomas are available upon graduation for an additional fee. Accredited diploma services are available but are not required for most.
What is the typical schedule?
9:30-11:30Life Skills/PBL GroupLife Skills/PBL GroupService/Career Group
12:00-2:00Academic SupportAcademic SupportAcademic Support

Our programs offer three in-person days on campus. Other coursework completed during work-at-home time may also be recorded on transcripts. For course credit, participation in both full days of Life Skills/Project-Based Learning Group is required and during that time instructors will guide studies. For service-hour requirements, participation in the full day Service/Career Group day is required. Partial participation for non-credit hours is an option. During Academic Support hours, learners may continue PBL or Service work and/or study independently with staff oversight. Also during Academic Support hours, parents can schedule advisory sessions. Lunch is a free period. There are 36 weeks in our academic year. Attendance will be tracked with online systems for program work, volunteer hours, and internships.

Life Skills and Project-Based Learning Group
Life Skills

Walnut Grove Coop can help provide training for transition into adult years.  In a group setting, learners can broaden their skills in the areas of finance, mental and physical wellness, and the day-to-day skills to be productive citizens. This component will help fill the requirements of Gym, Health, and Driver Education required in all four states.  In some instances, this may also fulfill some career pathway work.

  • Financial Literacy
  • Physical Wellness
  • Mindful Wellness
  • Peer Mediation
  • Drivers Education
Project-Based Learning

PBL provides group-based learning opportunities across the curriculum. In addition to earning credit hours in our programs, these projects further supplement other parent-provided core classes.  Learners can build the soft skills needed to work as a team player in a variety of educational and professional environments. Independent projects can also be planned. In addition to supporting the Core Academic requirements for graduation, this component can support some career pathway requirements mandated in the 4 states that we serve.

  • Field Trips
  • Science, including Labs
  • Literature and Composition
  • Public Speaking
  • History
  • Economics
Service and Career Group

Walnut Grove Coop will partner with community organizations to provide opportunities to serve.  Volunteer service helps to build not only self-esteem and confidence but also leadership, time management, communication, and decision-making skills. This component will support the volunteer requirements many colleges require and many potential employers value. In particular, several school districts in Delaware have a volunteer component to their graduation requirements and the state of Maryland requires a total of 75 hours and a service-learning project in the 9th grade.

In Delaware, learners who volunteer 90 or more hours in one year earn a Delaware Volunteer Credit (DVC), which comes with a certificate signed by the Governor. Any learners who volunteer 100 or more hours in one year can also earn a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (DVC), which comes with a certificate signed by the President. Participants in our Service/Career group can meet the annual requirements for these honors.

  • Volunteer work
  • Project development
  • Team building
Career Skills

Where do you see yourself in the future?  The time is approaching to make that vision a reality.  Walnut Grove Coop can help design their vision for vocation into manageable steps toward an ultimate goal. We will help your learner build resumes and develop interview skills.  We will match candidates with mentors and internships. A key graduation requirement of the 4 states that we serve is to work towards a specific career area.  In this program time, we will help your child explore potential careers.

Academic Support

Student Support
This time is planned for instructor support of individual academic pursuits.  Instructors provide assistance in persevering through individual study programs, creating and managing schedules, sourcing materials to complete assignments, study skills, and overall general oversight.  Students will be able to work in a safe and monitored environment.  Internet services are available for students taking online classes. This program time will be used to complete Service Projects, Project-Based Learning assignments, and independent studies.

  • Resource Management
  • Schedule Management
  • DIY HS
  • Self Study Skills

Parent/Student Support Services: Diploma and Exit Planning 

“Begin with the end in mind.”  Where do you want to be? 
Walnut Grove Coop will provide support in navigating and ending the high school experience.  We can help explore options such as college, military, trades, entrepreneurship, and even what to do with a gap year.  Transcript building and accredited diplomas are available as well.  Office hours will be available on an as-needed basis. This component will support your efforts in fulfilling the key curricular graduation requirements in the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

  • Diploma/Transcripts
  • Gap Year Supplement
  • Military Service
  • College Planning
  • Trade Networking
  • Entrepreneurship

This component will help you take all of your efforts and communicate them to the desired recipients.  We will help you analyze not only your state’s requirements but also your destination’s requirements and identify any potential needs to be addressed.  Once you have checked all your boxes, Walnut Grove Coop’s guidance can partner with you to create official documentation as you wrap up your high school journey.

  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills
  • Vocation
  • Mentorship
  • Internship
  • Career Pathway Development