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2023-24 Enrollment

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Our programs are designed to create a community for socialization while also supporting families with mindful secular academic instruction. We have been serving homeschoolers for over 10 years and our staff values your child’s education. We offer child-centered and child-led programs with documentation of completed work to help parents reduce efforts for homeschooling.

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PreK-5th grade Classes:

Middle School classes:

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High School Program:
Our programs offer credit hours and service hours for learners in high school. Learners can custom-design coursework to achieve credit or participate in our instructor-led curriculum. Your family helps to design the path for graduation using a hybrid model stemming from your own home school but ending with an accredited diploma and transcript.

High School Course Outline

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Other Membership Features

Member Clubs:
Parents and volunteers may lead any club they desire and can invite other members to attend for free (or with fees to cover material costs).

Member Benefits:
There are several ways to participate in the activities at Walnut Grove Coop. All members pay $60 as a membership fee once per year to participate in the group and its programs. Member fees are per child. Adults and children under 1 year are free.
The benefits of the group are:

  1. Access to the home school classes and programs
  2. Free Member Days in Summer
  3. Invitations to group parties and events
  4. Invitations to field trips arranged by the group
  5. Annual Fire Safety program
  6. Participation in volunteer-led clubs for free
  7. Discounts for Summer Camps
  8. Discounted Delaware State Park Passes
  9. Discount admission to Franklin Institute and Adventure Aquarium
  10. Support from other parents when considering various education styles and curricula for homeschooling in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.