This unschool group is open to families with children of all ages. Our group meets from September through June each year.

If your child is the master of his or her own plan, this day is ideal. We staff facilitators to help the children voice their ideas, make plans, and implement work in our Ology Assembly. The Ology Assembly is our Democratic, Unschool Program that encourages children to problem-solve, lead, and love learning together. Children of all ages will participate in this group activity and self-direct their learning through the year. Check out this post to learn more about a typical day for this Unschool Democratic Process program. This group targets learners 5 and older. A Sibling discounted price is offered to students who are 2-4 years old. See the Fees to Register page for more information.

We also have lots of free play activities for kids of all ages. At certain times of the year, we invite guests such as the University of Delaware Junior Gardener program at no cost to members.

Parents may stay or take turns leaving children over 5. Parents will be asked to take turns on the Parent Team — to help open and close the building for the day and lend a hand for activities as needed. Parents who desire to not have to volunteer may pay a $600 fee per child to opt-out of the Parent Team.

Our group enjoys a private playground and beautiful wooded areas for exploring. We often encourage outdoor play and can accommodate bikes and other ride-on fun.

Prices are subject to change. Our group does not offer refunds if your family stops participating.