Mindful Nature Exploration: Healing Forest Practices
Come create connections to nature and learn mindful practices used across cultures. This program targets older teens and adults. We will engage our senses each day (both physical and social-emotional). This program may be scheduled upon request for private groups of 5 or more when it is not actively being offered.

Program Overview:
We will meet Saturdays or Sundays from 2:00pm – 4:00pm for the featured weeks. The program will take meet at a private residence near the Middle Run Preserve and White Clay Creek State Parklands. Each day we will hike approximately 1.5 to 2 miles. Participants will pay $150 for five 2-hour sessions.

Activity Overview:

  • Inukshuk: The Inuit practice of rock stacking to mark the world.
  • Tree Standing: A Japanese practice of connecting one’s energy with the energy of the earth.
  • Deer Walking: This is a Native American practice to walk while leaving no trace.
  • Casting Off: This is a Jewish practice of releasing regrets and worries.
  • Cloud Clearing: This is a general practice to observe our thoughts without judgment.

Hop to Prepare:

  • Participants should dress appropriately for the terrain and weather. Dressing in layers is ideal.
  • Your comfort is extremely important to this experience. While we will be using park trails, we may encounter mud or uneven terrain. We recommend athletic shoes, rain boots, or hiking shoes that will feel comfortable for you.
  • Participants should also consider bringing a backpack with some of the following items:
    • Water and/or a warm beverage in a thermos, if it is chilly
    • A snack
    • A small towel to sit on
    • Tissues
    • A journal/pen

What to Expect:

We will move slowly, sauntering through the forest. The activities presented are shared to heighten your awareness and to help you connect to nature with your senses. You will be invited to share reflections with the group or even in your own journal. Participants may choose to refrain from sharing. Cell phones must be silenced and are discouraged for use while on our walks.