Preschool Time for 3.5 to 5-year-olds is an education program that teaches Language Arts, Science, Math Skills, Social Skills, and Art. Our group also hosts field trips, festivals, and play dates in addition to class time. We meet from September through May. We also have a Toddler Time for children ages 2-4.

This class is a great way for a parent and child to learn new ideas for playful learning for your home school. If you wonder what a typical class looks like, check out this post about our Salamander group.

Though our organization predominately serves homeschoolers, Preschool Time is an activity designed for any child. It is a great way to develop social-emotional skills and grow academically before entering a drop-off program such as Kindergarten. Many of our preschoolers do go on to be homeschooled while others have moved on to Montessori or Public school programs.

Our instructor-led classes are for children ages 3-5. This group is instructor-led but parents will stay on-site in case their child needs them. In each class, the group will have an opening routine, story, related craft or activity, outside time, and closing circle time. This class runs at the same time as the programs for older children so that your family can participate in multiple programs at the same time.

See the Fees to Register Page for pricing and schedule.

If you are looking for even more nature-based programming for your child, also check out our Outdoor Immersive Learning option for children 5 or older.

Prices are subject to change. Our group does not offer refunds if your family stops participating.