High School Programs Fee Schedule

Fees are subject to change. Please review the terms of the registration contract when registering for additional fee information. If we cancel a program for which you have registered, you will receive a full refund. Costs are priced per Program Day (Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Friday) not per credit hour. Review the Program Day schedule.

Schedule of Fees
$150 Registration Fee
$550 Tuition per semester

Register Online Now (this is a legally binding contract)

We do not require any materials or supplies from home for class. We provide everything. We are also a Google Education Suite organization and students will have premium Google tools and an email account. Your tuition includes over $640 of program year costs:

  • Texts and Books ($150 value)
  • Lab Supplies ($145 value)
  • Chromebook ($120 value)
  • Class and Printer supplies ($75 value)
  • Project and Art Supplies (over $100 value)
  • Software Platform Subscriptions such as Adobe, Canva, ESRI, and more (over $100 value)

Membership Fee
All members (children over 1 year) must pay a $60 “Membership Fee” to join. Siblings that are not taking programs can still join as members for field trips, clubs, and other family activities. Parents and siblings under 1 year are free.

Transcript Services Fee
All families will receive some consultation at the optional scheduled parent mid-year meeting related to your high school transcripts as a courtesy. If your family requires additional services, fees will begin at $50 per planning session. Walnut Grove Coop is not responsible for providing transcripts–that is the responsibility of each homeschool family to accomplish per the requirements of your state.

Please call the Executive Director, Melissa Layfield at 302-545-3000 for an Admissions Interview before completing any online forms. 

The program year begins in September and ends in May. Accredited Transcript Services are optional and are assessed per semester recorded — please contact us to discuss that option and pricing because it is not recommended for most. All program costs are included in tuition. There are no additional fees for labs, textbooks, recommendation letters, other project materials/supplies, or student interfacing. Students may enroll for each day separately: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Program hours are 9:30 am-2:00 pm.

Registration: This is the one-time non-refundable registration fee to secure your seat in the program.

Tuition: This is the cost of the annual program. Tuition is non-refundable. Monthly installment payments are available.

High School Program Days include 2 hours of morning instruction, a break for lunch, Academic Support, Electives, on-site Community Service hour opportunities, and individual instruction each afternoon.

Complete Registration Contract Online

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Registration and Payment Contract Details
Membership fees and seat deposits must be paid in full immediately upon completing the registration contract. All other tuition can be paid monthly by ACH. There is a 5% service fee to pay by any other method. The monthly payment option is a courtesy. All tuition registration contracts are final once completed. If you cease to participate, all future payments are due in full immediately for the period for which you registered. There are no refunds for payment.

Fees and discounts are subject to change. If Walnut Grove Coop changes or cancels any program, you will receive a refund for those programs.