Our Spanish class takes place at 1:00 pm on Fridays. This is an introduction-level Spanish class for K-4th grade learners.

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About the instructor and her method:
Lia Andrews is the creator of the “Language through FUN!” curricula that combine language, imagination, culture, travel, and teaching. In 2008, Lia began teaching French and Spanish to elementary and preschool students with an emphasis on education through music and hands-on interaction. Lia also incorporates her original teaching songs for the programs. You can listen to them at home on YouTube as well.

Lia believes that children learn best while having fun and incorporates that philosophy into her instructional methods. Her proprietary program lets children learn Spanish through singing, storytelling, games, and crafts. That is why the classes are so effective, and the reason that Lia makes course development a never-ending process, constantly seeking out new themes, activities, and songs to make the Spanish-learning experience a fun journey of discovery, exploration, and adventure.