Gameschooling in our homeschool enrichment program leverages board games, card games, and role-playing games to teach. Game-based teaching helps students to communicate, collaborate, and interact with peers. Games strengthen skills for mathematical thinking, reasoning, strategy, sequencing, and problem-solving. Not only do learners acquire information on subject areas, they also are exposed to a variety of gaming mechanics.

In our program, learners will learn various categories of gamer play such as drafting, bluffing, dexterity, legacy, and cooperative games. We will spend time learning several games in each category exploring game mechanics and keeping a notebook of gameplay terminology. The program will be completed when the groups of game players create a game using the techniques learned throughout the year.

We have an extensive library of games for learners of all ages. Members may request to borrow a game from our library for a weekend. The game library includes over 100 board and card games:

  • Dexterity games
  • Drafting games
  • Bluffing games
  • Strategy/Logic games
  • Legacy games
  • Deck Building games
  • Tile/Worker Placement games