Nonfiction Informative and Expository Reading/Writing (ELA)

This course dives into the complexities of expository text.  Students will explore the vast array of informational text available across many platforms.  We will work towards being savvy digital citizens able to read critically and analyze what is being presented to us.   Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills in sourcing information, conveying that information through written text and multimedia, and citing the information appropriately.  This class will combine elements of a spirited classroom discussion with individually focused work time.  Coursework and practice addressing common high school standards appropriate to their grade level will be available via Google Classroom.

Textbook/Resources: Purdue Online Writing Lab, Holt McDougal Literature, True or False by Cindy Otis, Developing Digital Detectives by Jennifer LeGarde 

 Portfolio Project Sneak Peek:

Students will identify a “deep dive” topic and utilize technological tools such as Google Suite and Adobe Suite to create a meaningful product for educating others on their topic.  Research does not have to be boring and is not limited to paper and pencil anymore.  Student-created books, pamphlets, websites, infographics, scripted vlogs/podcasts, formal papers, and more are all possibilities in this course.