US History through Music

This course takes students on a tour of major and minor historical events through music.  In this course, students will explore factual accounts of historical events through the lens of the human experience.  Students will read and examine both primary and secondary sources, explore ideas, trends, and patterns in history, and gather, examine, and explore historical data.  In addition, if students would like to acquire a music appreciation credit they will have the opportunity to learn musical terms and concepts and apply them to the music as we go.  Coursework and practice in both US History and Music Appreciation will be completed through Google Classroom in addition to in-class lessons and activities.

Music Appreciation Sneak Peek: 

Throughout history music has been used as a soundtrack, to communicate, tell stories, and express emotions and ideas.  Music is steeped in the human experience and the human experience is the stuff history is made of.  Where did children’s songs like “Home on the Range” and “Yankee Doodle” come from?  What about Jazz and Rock n Roll?  Hamilton swept the nation but only the historically savvy among us can spot the inaccuracies while still enjoying the show.  Let’s dig into other music and see where we can find the echoes of history swirling around us.