Afterschool Programs

Upon request, our Mindful Enrichment Programs can be offered in New Castle County, DE, and in Elkton, MD. Parents may refer our program details to school administrators for program development. School administrators may contact to customize after-school mindfulness programs.

Mindfulness Club Options

Children can learn to still their minds and process their thoughts. Each club is designed to teach children to deepen their self-awareness and ability to focus. Students will learn breathing practices, meditation, and journaling. Fun activities are used to demonstrate mindful principles to the club that can be applied at home and in classes. When possible we will also take children outside to connect with nature.

Club Themes include:

  • Trees – Rooting My Focus
  • Birds – Peace Keeping and Freedom
  • Bugs – What’s Bugging Me
  • Discovery Mindset – Self Control and Avoiding Judgements
  • Mathmagic – Patterns in Nature
  • Inside/Outside – Body Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Mood Mining – Self Awareness