One-on-One Advisor

During Academic Support hours, students have support and dedicated time in their schedule for coursework, completing assignments, revisiting lessons, and receiving soft-skills coaching. At Walnut Grove Coop, we collect evidence of the completion of standards. If a student struggles to master a concept, we can work with them individually to redo an assignment.

Parents can delegate the stressors of work and time management to our staff. We create individual learning goals and strategies for every high school student. We develop relationships to foster independence and success.

Project-Based Learning

PBL provides group-based learning opportunities across the curriculum. In addition to earning credit hours in our programs, these projects further supplement other parent-provided core classes.  Learners can build the soft skills needed to work as team players in a variety of educational and professional environments. Independent projects can also be planned. In addition to supporting the Core Academic requirements for graduation, this component can support some career pathway requirements mandated in the 4 states that we serve. Learners can explore:

  • Science, including Labs
  • Literature and Composition
  • Public Speaking
  • History
  • Economics
  • Art
Community Service Hours

Walnut Grove Coop will partner with community organizations to provide opportunities to serve.  Our Teen Service Group helps to build not only self-esteem and confidence but also leadership, time management, communication, and decision-making skills. This component will support the volunteer requirements many colleges require and many potential employers value. In particular, several school districts in Delaware have a volunteer component to their graduation requirements and the state of Maryland requires a total of 75 hours and a service-learning project in the 9th grade.

In Delaware, learners who volunteer 90 or more hours in one year earn a Delaware Volunteer Credit (DVC), which comes with a certificate signed by the Governor. Any learners who volunteer 100 or more hours in one year can also earn a Presidential Volunteer Service Award (DVC), which comes with a certificate signed by the President. Participants in our Service/Career group can meet the annual requirements for these honors.

  • Volunteer work
  • Project development
  • Team building