2019 Mindful Nature Camps

We are excited to offer two camp options this year. In addition to offering the Mindful Explorers Camp introduced last year, we will also offer Mindful Survivor Camp featuring new concepts and skills to deepen practices.

Camp Overview:

Camps will meet from 9:00am to 1:00pm for the featured weeks. The Camp will take place at a private residence near White Clay Creek State Park and Middle Run Nature Preserve. Each day we will hike approximately 3 miles.

Children enrolled as Explorers or Survivors will bring a backpack with essentials (TBA). They may store their lunch in our group refrigerator while we hike. We will return to home base for lunch each day to wash up, eat, and play before dismissal. We will eat a snack on our hike.

The Camp Enrollment Fee is $225/child for 2019-20 Walnut Grove Coop members or $275/child for non-members. Non-members will receive a complimentary membership for all 2019-20 Walnut Grove Coop member activities.

Email: Info@walnutgrovecoop.com to register

Mindful Explorers

Come create connections to nature and learn mindful practices used across cultures. Explorers will engage their senses each day (both physical and social-emotional). These half-day camps are held entirely outdoors. Explorers will sing, move, hike, create and journal.

Our Key Activities Include:

    • Hiking and Camp Songs every day
    • Plant Identification: dangers and beauties
    • Inukshuk: marking the path with ephemeral art
    • Nature Practices: Tree Standing, Cloud Clearing, Deer Walking, Casting Off (Tashlich)
    • Nature Journaling: reflecting and recording
  • Arboreal Painting: nature‚Äôs brush for creating art

Mindful Explorers Sections:
Chrysalis Camp K-2nd graders; ages 5-8yo
Monday, July 8 through Friday, July 12
Note: A local plant and animal scavenger hunt will be offered in this section. If your child has a favorite local plant or animal, please let me know in advance and I will include it!

Tortoise Camp 3rd grade and up; ages 9-12yo
Monday, July 15 through Friday, July 19
Note: Nature journaling in this section will leverage handheld technology (such as old smartphones) to photograph and record journal entries.

Email: Info@walnutgrovecoop.com to register

Mindful Survivors

Combine mindful practices with survival basics that integrate outer nature with our inner nature. Survivors will apply a discovery mindset, sharpening rustic survival skills as well as social skills such as empathy and compassion. These half-day camps are also held entirely outdoors. Survivors will procure resources, hike, create and journal.

Our Key Activities Include:

    • Discovery Mindset: survive and thrive in the wild
    • Water Purification: clearing the toxins
    • Animal Tracking: be aware of your partners in the ecosystem
    • Creating Shelter: making the best of a tough situation
    • Mastering Fire: harness the heat of the moment
    • Modest Meals: nourish your body with what you have
  • Nature Journaling: reflecting and recording

Tortoise Camp 3rd through 5th; ages 9-11yo
Monday, July 22 through Friday, July 26
Note: Participants in this camp must first have taken Mindful Explorers camp or receive permission to join based on similar past experience.

Osprey Camp 12 years or older
Monday, July 29 through Friday, August 2

Email: Info@walnutgrovecoop.com to register

Mindful Nature Camp