At the request of our members and like-minded homeschoolers, we are adding Forest Preschool Time to our Enrichment Program. We are removing barriers and walls while encouraging confidence and decision-making.

This new program targets children ages 3 and 4 only. Priced at the same amount as our other preschool-aged program, this new class will exist outdoors. This is an all-weather group where children can explore nature, take guided risks, learn about plants and ecosystems, and be outside the four-wall setting. The focus of this group will be “danger and learning safety along the path.” We will explore the woods together, dig, construct, climb, create, discover, and all the while we will be learning to make smart, educated decisions about our actions! Three and 4 year-olds are so ready to be independent, and they learn so much when their smart decisions are rewarded with new, exciting experiences. Our facility has ample wooded areas and a pond.

Like the inside Preschool Time, Forest Preschool Time will ask parents to take turns as class helpers and snack providers. This class is offered Tuesday 9:30-11:30 and Friday 10:30-12:30 at one price ($725).

We anticipate that we will cancel classes when the weather gets severe in winter or for very heavy rain. We want to persevere outdoors as much as possible, however. We can guarantee that the class will meet at least 35 times, like the one-day indoor group. It may meet more!

Parents who prefer to offer independence to their child can wait inside our facility and enjoy the company of other parents (or a good book)! As always parents are welcome to participate while helping their child acclimate to a new program and new friends and teachers.

Register for the 2018-19 Program Year

Here’s an inspirational quote from the instructor:

“The world is rated R, and no one is checking IDs. Do not try to make it G by imagining the shadows away. Do not try to hide your children from the world forever, but do not try to pretend there is no danger. Train them. Give them sharp eyes and bellies full of laughter. Make them dangerous. Make them yeast, and when they’ve grown, they will pollute the shadows.”
-N.D. Wilson, Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl
Forest Preschool Time: Pilot Program